Imp. Announcement: 4th major Hosting, Email Server Upgrade & Migration is Successful

Dear All,

Thanks for your kind support & be with us for long time . . … Continuing …
       To be best we have continuously upgrading (this is our 4th major upgrade since 2009) feature and benefits you.
Congrates to All of you for your kind co-operation to getting whole SERVER upgraded to new server.

Upgrade & Migration
Started: 22-10-2013 12:30am (Indian Standard Time)
Ended: 26-10-2013 11:30pm (Indian Standard Time)



Upgraded to 5.4.x

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MySQL* upgraded to MySQL 5.5
Note (1) You will need to make sure that your applications are compliant and compatible with both for other software upgrade see below*
IP Address will not change
Operating System CentOS 6 (64bit) with Plesk 11.5.x

Dedicated & 4 times higher than previous version
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and in extreme case of memory shortage we are swapping memory as required. So that your website & email server will be never go down

Control Panel Robust Control panel with Plesk 11.5.x & Parallels
Spam Protection improved performance & controllability
Storage Space improved Storage space
Webmail & Email
  • Improved email box size
  • New version is more compatible with Mobile (Smartphone), Mobile (Minimal)
  • Along with Automatic now you can choose Compatible with options Basic, Dynamic, Mobile (Smartphone), Mobile (Minimal).
  • Current version : Horde’s (5.xx)
*Other Upgraded Software versions Apache 2.2, Perl 5.10, Python 2.6, Ruby 1.8, Postfix 2.8

. . …more to come in future

Note (2) We have successfully migrated All our client’s website with no extra cost. But still we request you to Please ask your web development team to go through all scripts & codes get double checked for running smoothly.

Thank you
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